Wednesday 7 April 2021

Patent Design Drawing

Patent design maybe defined as the decoration of the functionality and uses of the subject for which security is granted. It works on the security of the looks of a subject. The importance of patent design drawing is increasing rapidly nowadays. The common question which arrive most is

Can design patent drawings be in color?

You can submit the design patent application in black and white or in color according to your needs. Your drawings will get the approval only when your drawings are considered as practicable medium for the invention.

Is it possible to get a patent on the basis of an idea?

The answer is clear, No, it is not  possible to get the patent for an idea of invention. The necessary thing is that the invention has to be obtained itself. Yes, we know that the beginning of every invention is from an idea but still we cannot get patent for every  idea.

What are the necessary qualifies for a design patent?

The following qualifies are given below.

·         It is compulsory for every subject to be latest, that means that no identical design should exists in the former art.

·         It should be according to the decorative patent laws.

Is design patent worthy?

Yes, there has been an increase in the strength of design patent as well as in the value of design patent. Nowadays design patent and utility patent makes a perfect pair in order to protect the looks along with the working of the subject.

Are Design patents worthless?

There is a myth that “Design patents are worthless.” We want to clear this myth. Most of the individuals think that utility patent has much more worth as compared to design patent just because utility patent give protection to the working and the use of the invention. On the other hand design patent provide protection to the non functionality and visual looks of the invention. It is equally important as the protection of the use of the invention. Nowadays we cannot say design patent is worthless on the basis of this.

Reasons why design patent applications are getting more rejections?

·         The most common mistake is that trusting on your illustrator and allowing them to produce Patent Design Drawing according to them which are enough to get the patent. And finally filing the patent application to the patent office. This one is considered as the biggest mistake.

·         You cannot compromise with drawings when it comes to the filing a patent application, as there should be ample number of drawings to explain the invention. If there are not enough drawings then it can lead to rejection.

·         Another important reason is not sufficient disclosure of the detailed information in the original drawings. In result patent application is not able to express properly about the invention and faces rejection.

·         Due to the Non-enablement of the drawing the representation of the invention is not done properly. In other words, drawings are not able to do the justice with the invention.

·         Due to presence of in-consistency in the drawings is also the another cause of the rejection.

·         Illegibility is also the popular reason of the rejection. When the shape of the subject is not properly determined because of the non clearness in the structure of the subject then the subject is unable to satisfy the requirements of the patent laws and hence causes rejection.

Above mentions are the main reasons of the rejection of the applications. We should consider all these point while working on design patent application, in order to prevent the rejection.

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