Monday 30 May 2022

What are utility drawings and what is their importance?

 We do often come across a lot of posters and pictures that have some meaning in them and we therefore find them attractive. But ,while we are reading something we need a lot of time , energy and efforts . That’s why most of the times posters are created for delivering the messages in understandable forms. Patent drawings or utility drawings serve this purpose. For instance , it’s easy to explain your point to anyone and it becomes more apparent to explain it through drawings and illustrations rather than you explain it through the texts . Similarly ,you need to acquire a patent for the new invention. As the drawings are new thing for everyone ,it will become easier for you to explain it through the drawings . So, utility drawings are important and they increase the scope of getting a patent .Utility drawings explain an invention in a more elaborative and manifested form. It helps to reduce the frustration of the patent officer and thereby delivers a good impression.

What do you mean by the patent drawings ?

The United States patent and trademark office (USPTO) thereby defines design as something that consists of the visual oranental characteristics embodied or applied to the articles of the manufacturers. Utility drawings are illustrations of the inventions in the form of drawings that help to explain the invention easily to anyone . Patent drawings can be explained through the form of flow charts , steps through different pictures , chemical equations and so on .

What is the significance of utility patent drawings in patent approval?

These drawings help to represent your invention graphically . These drawings help in explaining a complex invention ik a graphical form . Thus, they play a significant role in the patent application process .

What is the need of including utility patent drawings in your patent application?

Utility patent drawings are the simple graphical /representation of your invention . These help in putting your idea in a straightforward and effective way .

Utility patent drawings provide the basic knowledge to the examiner especially about the components of your patent application.

Patent applications submitted without the drawings become complicated and are therefore harder for the examiner to understand . Thus ,you can say patent drawings are something that can either make or break your application.

Utility patent applications become unacceptable if they are not being accompanied by at least one utility patent drawings .

A well drafted patent application can help in the approval of your patent application.

What are the important points that should be kept in mind while you start with the utility drawings ?

1.First of all ,you need to be very clear about the basic idea and end goals behind the utility drawings .

2. Drawings should be in compliance with the USPTO guidelines and requirement of utility patent drawings should be met so as to avoid any rejection at the later stage.

3. You should make novelty the focus of your drawing. Patent drawing should necessarily include the point of novelty in your invention. Thus ,point of novelty should necessarily include how your invention operates differently from the existing technologies .

What are the different views of the utility patent drawings?                                                                     

USPTO has defined different  views that are used to explain the minute details ,particulars and functional point of your invention .

What are the different views of the utility patent drawings ?

There are different views of the utility patent drawings such as exploded views ,partial views , sectional views ,alternate positions and modified forms .

What are the requirements/ guidelines of the utility patent drawings?

USPTO guidelines aims at providing the base idea to illustrators and also helps to maintain uniformity in the standard procedures . These requirements act as a guiding light for the patent illustrators that helps to draw effective and clean drawings.

1. Black and white paper is the most suitable paper for utility patent drawings. However ,you can also use colored paper if it’s being needed .

2. The dimensions of the drawing sheet must be 21.6 cm×27.9 cm.

3. Margins should follow the following dimensions such as top 2.5 cm, left 2.5  ,right 1.5 cm and bottom 1 cm.

4. Arabic numerals should be used for numbering the sheets .You should make sure that numbering is not done in the top margin. For instance if your utility drawing is huge and that is approaching the top margin ,you can place the numbering on the right side of the sheet.

5. Reference characters and lead line with arrows play the most important role that helps to include details in your utility patent drawings. For instance reference characters should be the same that are present in the drawing.

6. Moreover, if you wish to wish to make the identification easier in case of mixing of the sheets , you need to put the identification number in the top margins .

What are our utility patent services?

Our team of patent illustrators is very well versed in drafting of utility drawings .We are having the best tools that do aim to provide the best results consistently at affordable budgetary offers . We wish to maintain the accuracy and also helps to minimize the objections from the examiner.