Friday 5 June 2020

Things To Remember About Patent Drawings

Patent drawings are an inseparable part of your Patent application. It is much better than described by using words. The examining authority compares it with any old drawing and then states the results. For all kinds of patents like a Utility patent
, you need to ensure that the claims are outstanding. If you have an amazing patent application, you will be easily getting a grant. Now, let us explain the factors, you must consider patent drawings. 

Why you require patent drawings?

As an investor, you must apply for a patent, since you need at least one drawing to explain your product to the general public. It adds to the description and it is also compulsory under U.S. Patent law. Your product will not be selected if the description is not clear. The main reason is that there is a previous art for it. If you are applying for a utility patent, the description is detailed. So, you must always include patent drawing.

What are the requirements of patent drawings?

There are certain elementary rules, which you must follow. Please check them.

·         Make all your drawings on white A4 paper, which is flexible. The recommended dimensions are 21 cm x 29.7 cm x 21.6 cm x 27.9 cm.
·         The ideal margins are 
Ø  1.0 cm on the bottom.
Ø  2.5 cm on the top.
Ø  1.5 cm on the right-hand side.
Ø  2.5 cm on the left-hand side.
·         Every drawing must have black & white.
·         If your drawing needs colours for explaining any aspect, then only, you should apply different colours. You need to take permission from the relevant authorities.
·         Only India ink must be used for drawings.
·         Every drawing must have the name of the invention, the name of the inventor and the number of the application.
·         If required, symbols and legends must be used, for describing the product.
·         Charts and diagrams should also be included in the drawings.
·         Shading should be used wherever possible. 
·         There should be no superimposition of drawings.
·         It is mandatory to use photos for a utility patent.

How to create illustrations?

There are two ways to make drawings.

·       Drawings made by hand – If you have excellent drawing skills, then self-help is the best route. However, if you are not confident, then it is always advisable to take professional assistance, for fulfilling official guidelines.
Drawings made using CAD ( Computer-Aided Design ) – CAD or computer-aided design can be used to create drawings. This will save plenty of time and lead to accuracy. 

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