Wednesday 9 October 2013

Drawings in Patent

Patent is the individual right of the person given by the government for his unique invention in field like if someone has invent some chemical formula, invention of any new machinery part, invention of machine etc. It is the copyright of an individual to use it in any way. There is a limited time for which an individual can use it after the limited time period it can be used by anyone in the market. The limited time period is 20 yrs. There is also some fees of maintenance of the patent which you have to give for 20 yrs.
Today there are many techniques of making drawings but they also need some basic knowledge to use them. Line drawing is the simplest way to make the Patent Drawings but it is not as easy as it sounds. There are some crucial points where one needs to be very careful like in some curved figures, where the edges are round. Someone who does not know the art of drawing cannot make drawings by himself. He should have the proper knowledge of drawing. Making drawings is not everybody’s cup of tea.  Inventors should concentrate on their work rather than the drawings. They should make the drawings from the professional draftsman. They should not let their time go waste in making these drawings. They make your drawings in a less time and will make drawings efficiently. If your drawings are not proper or insufficient then your application may be rejected or patent officials can give you three months time to re-submit the drawings and within a stipulated period you have to submit these drawings. If you do not want any delay in getting a patent then you should submit all the documents properly especially drawings.
Patent Illustration is very important for getting a patent because they describe the invention more clearly than the theoretical part. In the biological inventions, medical devices, invention of new machine part drawings can explain better the whole invention. Drawings can hide any missing part if it is left accidentally. So you should hire some professional expert to make these drawings.

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