Thursday 25 July 2013

Different methods to make Patent Drawings

A patent is an exclusionary grant of intellectual property rights, awarded by the government through a patent office for a limited period of time. The right is given by the government for an individual invention, which is not done by the other person before. It is the monopoly of an individual which is used by him in any way. The time limit for the use of patent is 20 years starting from the date on which the application for the patent was filed, after which it is used or sell by anybody. It is safest property of an individual. Everyone who invents a new process, machine part, chemical formula, new research in biology etc. should get the patent of his invention so that it is not stolen by other person.
People who file their application for patent should be careful that the invention is not already done.  The invention should be done for the first time. If the invention has already been done then your application will be rejected.  Three things are required by the person while submitting application that are: it must be a novel, relevant Patent Drawings and the subject matter must be in detail. If any document is missing, then you will not be able to get a patent. Drawings are of different types like: Mechanical drawings, drawings of medical devices, drawings used in biotechnological field etc. You can make these drawings own your own through various methods like: drawings from scanned images, by making flow charts, complex graphs, line drawings, by sketching, by taking photographs etc. Line drawings are those which consist of straight and curved lines placed against a background, to represent two dimensional or three dimensional images. It is the most fundamental art of drawing. In making the line drawings you can use lines colors, shading and textures. Dots can also be used in addition to lines. These drawings should be made with a pencil and should be made on the white paper. It is easier to erase the drawings with a pencil rather than a pen.
You make these drawings own your own if and only if you are good in making drawings. Some people thought of saving money by making drawings themselves. This can be both beneficial as well as can act as throne in getting a patent of your application if your drawings are not proper or insufficient drawings. So one should hire a technical expert who can make your drawings efficiently, as Patent illustration is equally important as other documents.

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